Wait, You’re Not a Centaur.


A collection of 50 fifty- word stories by musician/ artist/ writer/ triathelete/ ice cream lover/ renaissance man Nate Denver. At turns scary, sweet, totally bizarre, hilarious, and always heartfelt, these 50 stories read a lot like haiku poems, except, well-- longer. Nate also did a bunch of drawings for the book, and they rule. This book also contains a full-length, 21 song CD, "Ghost Alarm", by Nate Denver's Neck (which is, strangely enough, the same guy as the author. go figure.) Introduction by Adam Jones of Tool.

"Wait, You're Not a Centaur" is... a lovely load of stories... accompanied by very stylish illos. Our favorite one is probably about Bolt Thrower meeting Jesus, but you go ahead and pick your own."

- Arthur Magazine

"I hate this book."

- Tom Araya, Slayer

"Like some dark Gothic automobile, half Panzer tank, half muscle car [...] crashing head on with gratuitous violence into a wall of art & humor/death & destruction, Nate climbs out as one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, brandishing a guitar shaped like an oversized medieval axe and carrying a white kitten dressed as a matador named 'Trevor'. Artist. Writer. Composer. Musician. Performer, and an upright citizen to boot... this book is truly inspiring."

- Adam Jones, Tool, (from the introduction)
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