i did this print to just mess around with an illustration i'd done (for the Japanese edition of Brian Evenson's Fugue State) on the risograph, just to go nuts. so i kept swapping out colors and plates and whathaveyou and the end result is that JUST ABOUT EVERY SINGLE ONE IS DIFFERENT. so, fair warning-- there's that central image of the head wrapped in cloth, and the general vertigo feel of the whole thing, but beyond that all bets are off. some have 3 colors, some have 5 or 6. i can't even remember which is which, and i don't do drugs. if you feel like it when you paypal it you can state an aesthetic preference (say, "minimal" or "painful") and i'll see what i can find.

the print is 11x17, on ivory 76# bristol stock. shipped to you in a tube.( tell me if you want it signed)