Kim Deitch Files – Regular Edition


The Kim Deitch Files is a limited edition portfolio of the looseleaf 'story' pages which serve as Kim's sketchbook; it's where he works out the ideas for his comics. included in this folio are selections of the original story pages from many of Kim's major works (Alias The Cat, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams) as well as many of his other projects (Deitch's Pictorama, Southern Fried Fugitives), never before seen projects (the aborted Alice's Adventures Underground) and even a couple pretty jaw dropping life studies. they are exclusively in pencil, many in a fully rendered style that is both insanely gorgeous and (in their way) totally different than what you 'expect' from Kim's art. These pages have rarely been seen, and as individual pieces and as a look into the process of a master cartoonist.

"Kim Deitch is (obviously) a national treasure and this is the next best thing to breaking into his studio and stealing a stack of originals (don't try that - he'll kick your ass)."

- Dan Clowes