Fear of Song CD


Zak Sally's Fear of Song is a handmade, signed and numbered deal, with Zak Sally doing the printing.

Zak says: "... each copy hand assembled right here, by me (with some help from my crack intern Maddie and whatever pals i can bribe into helping out). And this is where we get into some weirdness, because obviously, Zak Sally, is, you know - ME. So if I were someone else, i could go on about my years in the minimalist rock trio Low, (and stints with other outfits such as Enemy Mine, the Dirty Three, Kid Dakota), and how I started making this record in my basement over a year ago just to see if i could finish ONE SONG (this being something that had been a REAL PROBLEM for the previous 36 years of my life), but then actually started enjoying the process until finally I went over to my good old friend Ben Durrant's (Andrew Bird, Dosh, tons of great stuff...) Crazy Beast Studio and slowly tore our hair out strand by strand until, LOOK - a WHOLE RECORD! NEAT!! And, if i wasn't me, I could say - it's a good record. I set myself with the goal of making EVERY SOUND on the thing, and so that's what it sounds like. It sounds like me."

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